How your teeth actually whiten 

Whitening occurs during the use of our powerful diode light which opens the pores of your teeth and allows them to retract slowly breaking the stains down into smaller molecules, while our formulated gel to begins to whiten them, this guaranteed science is proven to be very effective in whitening teeth 

Generally one session will give the best results possible, however everyone’s teeth are different and if heavy staining is present then the need for a further session may be necessary to achieve best results, remember we will advise you of this in our consultation


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Important Booking Info

Important information before booking

All our technicians need somewhere close to the property to park, please ensure there is available parking either adjacent to the property or within a suitable distance

Fresher Smile carries out treatment at all types of properties however we are unable to carry out treatment in tall rise blocks with 6 or more flights of stairs (If there is no lift)

Please DO NOT book a treatment if you or anyone in your household is unwell with colds, flu’s or any other illness that may be passed on, even if your getting over a cold please wait until this has fully resolved before booking. If treatment is booked and an illness in the household is present the technician will cancel the appointment until a more suitable time.