Is the treatment safe?

Our procedure and technology is 100% safe, we have plenty of experience in this field and the process is constantly reviewed to ensure we keep a high standard of safety

Does the treatment work?

Absolutely! Our laser teeth whitening is guaranteed to achieve between 4-14 shades whiter, we have made many customers extremely happy with their new teeth, please see our customer photos page for some genuine reviews from real people

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects from the treatment itself, in a few cases some customers can experience slight sensitivity, this will disappear after a short period of time and return to normal that day. This is rare and if you are concerned please calls us for an informal chat

Can you whiten my crowns?

Crowns, caps and veneers can only be cleaned back to their original colour and in some cases will be a slightly different shade to the rest of your natural teeth, it really depends where the crown is situated in the mouth to how much of a concern this will be. We treat many clients with caps and crowns and often doesn’t affect your results, however please contact us prior to booking to discuss this.  You may need to consider seeing your dentist after you have your teeth whitened to get your crowns replaced to match your new white teeth (depending on your initial assessment with Fresher Smile)

How long does the treatment take?

Our treatment generally takes an hour, however please allow up to 90 minutes for the whole appointment time, we do tailor treatments to the individual so to get the best results we may go over our treatment time. If you are booking with another person or a teeth whitening party we can bring another treatment bed so everyone is not waiting too long

Whats the difference between Laser Teeth Whitening and whitening kits bought on the internet?

The traditional method of using home teeth whitening kits bought from your dentist or on the internet requires you to insert trays into your mouth combined with some whitening gel, this is repeated every night for up to two weeks.  The market is unfortunately flooded with teeth whitening products, the simple answer is there are only two ways to truly whiten your teeth, custom made trays or Laser Teeth Whitening.  Custom trays made from your dentist can indeed be a great way to whiten your teeth, providing the gel is of good quality and the trays have been molded correctly, its important that any tray has a snug fit, unfortunately boil in the water trays from Ebay or the local shop just do not work.  Gels are also an important factor in any treatment and locally bought products just do not work either, for most, results from home whitening kits can prove to be very frustrating and regular visits to the dentist simply aren’t convenient or affordable.  Our treatment provides the same results you would achieve from custom made trays, however its completed all in a 90 minute appointment, there is no fiddly trays to use and our products are the best on the market, not only this but you never have to leave home

You come to me for treatment?

Yes, we come to your home or work place for your convenience and we cover all of Essex. We have learnt that the majority of people do not feel comfortable having their teeth whitened in a salon or shop with several people around and other clients coming in and out, this is completely eliminated because we come to you at a time that suits you

How do results compare with a top Harley Street clinic

In short the results are exactly the same, our job is to get you the best results possible

Will just one treatment make them as white as possible?

Yes, if your teeth are not severely stained or have underlined issues causing staining,  then you can expect your teeth to be at their whitest in just one treatment, however if your teeth are heavily stained, then you may need to repeat treatment to have them at their brightest. It really depends on individual cases and what caused the staining in the first place but we will go over all this with you in the consultation

Will all my teeth be whitened?

We whiten all your smile teeth that are accessible by the light, teeth at the very back of your mouth (big molars) will not be whitened as much as the light struggles to reach those areas.

How long will my teeth stay white for?

That depends on your life style, if you drink lots of tea, coffee, cola, red wine, eat curry and smoke, then you may need to repeat this treatment every six to eight months or so. If you do not have those habits and you look after your teeth well, then your teeth will stay whiter for up to 14 months, everyone’s teeth are different and some teeth are more resilient to stains than others so timescales do vary from person to person.  Remember repeat customers for top up treatments get a fantastic discount for life, see our special offers page p>

What are the causes of tooth discolouration?
  • Drinks (such as tea, coffee, red wine, cola)
  • Smoking habits are one of the main causes to staining and discolouration
  • Aging
  • Anti-biotic medicines (tetracycline)
  • Trauma (injury) to the teeth
  • Pulp (nerve degeneration)

When can I next brush my teeth?

We advise avoiding brushing your teeth for 12 hours after treatment

What about smoking?

This is always a difficult one for clients and we do understand that, however its very important to not smoke after treatment for 48 hours, you can use electric cigarettes as its the tar that stains our teeth not nicotine 

How long after treatment can I eat and drink?

You can eat and drink straight away however you will have to avoid certain products for up to 4 days, please see our next FAQ for more info

What foods and drinks can I eat after treatment?


For 4 days after treatment you will have to be careful what you eat and drink

The easiest way to remember is by remembering a white T shirt and what could stain it, a huge number of foods have no staining attributes to them, such as meats, chicken, sausage, bacon, steaks (not rare), lamb etc. Its very important to avoid any sauces like tomato sauce, pesto, gravy, curry’s etc. Breakfast cereals like rice krispies, weatabix or frosties are absolutely fine, vegetables are also ok however do avoid carrots or peas. Rice, pasta and bread are of course all ok, so hopefully your getting a picture of what foods you can eat for 4 days after treatment, just remember a white t shirt and if that food product would stain it and you wont go wrong!


Drinks are again under the same rule and perhaps a little easier, anything clear or white is fine, water, lemonade, white wine, milk etc. Its very important to avoid tea, coffee, rose or red wine, coke, juice etc 

If you need any further advice about this just ask your technician or call us anytime for a chat 


Is there a lower age limit for treatment?

We offer treatment to clients over 18

Is there an upper age limit?

 Providing you still have your teeth and they are in reasonably good condition and that your health generally is in good condition, there is absolutely no upper age limit! 


Does treatment hurt?

Everyone’s teeth are different and react differently to treatment, however the majority of our clients do not experience any discomfort during or after treatment.  Sensitivity is a possibility with any teeth whitening treatment and does subside very quickly, the unique nature of our business means we are by your side through the entire treatment so if anything is too uncomfortable, you just let your technician know

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All our technicians need somewhere close to the property to park, please ensure there is available parking either adjacent to the property or within a suitable distance

Fresher Smile carries out treatment at all types of properties however we are unable to carry out treatment in tall rise blocks with 6 or more flights of stairs (If there is no lift)

Please DO NOT book a treatment if you or anyone in your household is unwell with colds, flu’s or any other illness that may be passed on, even if your getting over a cold please wait until this has fully resolved before booking. If treatment is booked and an illness in the household is present the technician will cancel the appointment until a more suitable time.