Steve got in touch with us for treatment as he recently gave up smoking and wanted to improve the look of his teeth, at time of treatment Steve had a considerable amount of staining and build up from years of smoking and drinking tea.

As you will see below his teeth were only four shades from the bottom of our chart


After explaining the treatment process to Steve, going through our checklist of questions and ensuring his teeth were reasonably healthy we began the treatment itself 



My teeth have bothered me for years, I have smoked for more then 30 years and now I’ve finally given up the bad habit I’m left with terrible teeth, my family have always commented on them and it’s become almost a little family joke “dad with his teeth” but now it’s time to change and feel confident to smile

Steve had a total 60 minute treatment and his treatment was tailored for his teeth, like with all our clients our aim is to get the best results possible so we do break up the minutes differently, as you will see below we improved his teeth dramatically!


I’m over the moon with my teeth, it’s hard to believe looking in the mirror they are the same teeth, even the build up I had in the ridges have gone. I’m so impressed with how much time and care was taken during my treatment, no part of it felt rushed, I felt really looked after, thank you!

Steve’s results were from only one treatment and although a higher level of results could of been achieved with another treatment at a later date, Steve was very happy with what was achieved and so were we!



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All our technicians need somewhere close to the property to park, please ensure there is available parking either adjacent to the property or within a suitable distance

Fresher Smile carries out treatment at all types of properties however we are unable to carry out treatment in tall rise blocks with 6 or more flights of stairs (If there is no lift)

Please DO NOT book a treatment if you or anyone in your household is unwell with colds, flu’s or any other illness that may be passed on, even if your getting over a cold please wait until this has fully resolved before booking. If treatment is booked and an illness in the household is present the technician will cancel the appointment until a more suitable time.