Teeth Whitening Essex and London

Essex based Professional Laser teeth whitening that’s achieved in the comfort of your own home, we come to you


Obtaining a huge boost of confidence with whiter teeth is now affordable to everyone as our prices are among the cheapest in the UK and Essex but the results are the same if you paid Harley Street prices. We are qualified whitening specialists with a dentistry background and a huge base of clients in Essex and around the UK including celebrities. We provide the very same results you would achieve at your dentist with the exception that it’s done in the hour, however unlike other whitening companies out there we only use safe water based products on your teeth that are made specifically for us in the USA and presently the only company to use it, you really can get a beautiful fresher smile in the hour!

No damage to the enamel, safe non invasive treatment

Customer Care does not stop once we walk out your door, we are available 7 days a week for any advice or questions

Not part of a franchise or affiliated with other companies, we are completely independent!

We don’t promise results we cannot achieve, we are proud of our honest service!

The most valuable teeth whitening treatment in Essex

A genuine care and passion for our clients, everyone’s teeth react differently so each treatment is tailored for you

“Fresher Smile offer the most comprehensive teeth whitening Essex treatment”

However, there are so many products and methods on the market it can become confusing about what works and what doesn’t, why not watch our open and honest video below and learn more about the facts of teeth whitening, get to know us a little better too!


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“We pride ourselves on our open and honest policy, your results are extremely important to us and we do not carry out treatment unless we feel your going to get great results, if we feel for whatever reason you wont benefit from treatment, we will tell you.

We also guarantee that if your teeth are not noticeably whiter after treatment, there simply is nothing to pay”

That’s the Fresher Smile promise!

Teeth Whitening Essex by true professionals

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